NICOLE BENNETT_____________________________________________

Is it not to share your food with the hungry & to provide the poor wanderer with shelter  When you see the naked, to clothe them, & not to turn away from your own flesh & blood?

[Isaiah 58]

Straight out of high school I jumped on a plane. Asia was cheap and close, so that’s where I went. Myanmar, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka…  and during this time, I witnessed unbelievable poverty.

Now, for some reason, I was lucky (?) enough to be born in Australia. I live in a safe neighborhood, food to eat, a roof over my head & a bed to sleep in.

And for some reason, others were born into Slums… Starvation... Slavery.

Now, just because I can’t see it… just because they are not my family or friends… or just because they are a different nationality… does this mean it is not my responsibility?


Insert [Responsible Fashion].


I have always loved fashion… the concept, the process and the potential.

Making clothes is in my blood. It has been passed down generation after generation. My mum used to make her own clothes during her lunch breaks in the office hallways and my Oma taught me how to sew/knit/crotchet all at a very young age. 

In my final year, of my business degree, I wrote my thesis on Fairtrade Fashion.  Within this process, I found out the reality of the fashion industry & knew if I ever started a fashion label, things would have to be done differently.

What should be such a beautiful, creative, inspiring industry, is in fact morbidly horrific. Sadly the fashion industry ... a multi trillion dollar industry... is responsible for over 14 million slaves.

According to, Livia Firth says she believes 2015 will be the year we "all finally realize that the one action we perform every day—getting dressed—matters not only because of the way it makes us look or feel, but mostly because of the massive repercussions on the environment and the people at the end of its supply chain."

I have to agree with Livia – 2015 is the year!


“It’s quite incredible to think, that we might save the world through fashion.”

Vivienne Westwood